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Price 65 € incl. VAT

The design for these cufflinks is related to the special FELDO watches. The stainless steel body is covered by red gold plating on the front edges and black on the back. A carbon fiber plate is situated in the middle of the  front.

This carbon inlay is kept by two black side plates which are fixed by four red gold screws. The catch is also made from red gold plated stainless steel. The FELDO sign and letters are engraved.

Cufflinks should not be considered old or outdated accessories. They should be given the importance cufflinks have been recovering along the time. Today they are very popular among male who have a preference for both men´s cufflinks and luxury cufflinks. Those men carrying cufflinks stand out from the rest because they have a unique style. These cufflinks are aimed at men who want to be distinguished by their elegance, originality and exclusivity. In the development of our cufflinks it has been of vital importance the attention to minute details and in general the final appearance of the cufflinks. We invite you to see tour collection of men´s cufflinks and luxury cufflinks and get enchanted by them.

Today we find a wide range of accessories such as cufflinks. The market in this area is a big one and it offers all kinds of products with very different prices. Our company is allowed through this website to offer different models Cufflinks A1 perfect for Candlelight Dinnerof cufflinks with a unique finish and a different style. We trade with cufflinks of high-quality materials and naturally we are always trying to compete on price with all the possible competitors. The cufflinks will be the ideal complement or accessory for men to carry them at any occasion, as much as in luxurious events as in daily one. They are always the perfect complement that adapt to a particular event.Cufflinks A1 perfect for gentlemen

In our company we strive to offer a great selection of exclusive items aimed at today´s man. We offer something different and exclusive. We take care of the design, the manufacture and the marketing. These cufflinks are a bet for elegance, originality and exclusivity. You can wear these cufflinks, both in celebrations and at work, knowing that they will make the difference. Our cufflinks are aimed at men who are demanding and capricious trendsetters. Thanks to the good taste of our designers, our cufflinks look unique handcrafted pieces. Our company is a brand that provides security and confidence. All our articles have gone through a careful process with a classic, perfectionist, current and adventurous touch.

The cufflinks are a project come true which is distinguished by their fresh and different tone. The cufflinks seek to foster a positive and responsible attitude in the individual. The images clearly show the minute detail of the components of the cufflinks. As always, we have tried to look carefully at every detail of the cufflinks. We invite you to carefully observe each of the images in this page. Click on them to achieve more information of each of the models. Through this page we offer our collection of cufflinks. We expect you to observe carefully how we have managedCufflinks A1 also beautiful for home to convey all our effort and commitment concentrated in the cufflinks.

We, as manufacturers, sell Feldo cufflinks to our customers in elegant cases with a certificate of authenticity, a warranty card, and the series number. Also in the shipment we guarantee that all our cufflinks are new and not used or an old model. We ship all over the world regardless where the customer is. Our service department is in Switzerland. You can make the purchase in our ../../../shop of all Feldo luxury jewellery: cufflinks, diamond rings, gold rings and silver rings. You can also purchase through our distributors (for customers outside the EU).

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