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Timepiece 1-2

Price 2785 € incl. VAT

Having a special patented dual carbon fiber disc time indicating system for hours and minutes this timepiece shows the actual time in an unusual way. The discs of the timepiece are made from the worlds thinnest carbon fiber plates.

The extraordinary designed hands cut from high strength medical steel with 18 ct red gold plated surface and red painted time indicators on it make the watch not only another timepiece, no, these features make the timepiece more then special.

The super large size housing with two tone plating (black / red gold) and carbon fiber inlays held by red gold screws. The two tone plating of the timepiece is not easy to manufacture. Time setting is done by turning the bezel. A first class self winding automatic movement (Swiss Made by Soprod) completes the timepiece.

The caseback is fit by red gold screws and contains a redgold plate with engraved model number, part number, manufacturing date and FELDO sign.

Technical data:

  • Timepiece diameter of 45 mm
  • Steel case with 18 ct red gold plating and carbon fiber inlays
  • Swiss selfwinding automatic movement (25 jewells)
  • Power-reserve: approx. 42 hours
  • 28.800 vibrations per hour
  • Soprod A10 caliber movement with Geneva Stripes optics
  • Scratch-resistent cambered sapphire crystal glas (glareproofed both sides)
  • 22 mm wide wrist strap (calf skin)
  • Built to withstand pressures of 5 bars (equivalent to a depth of 50 meters)
  • Weight of 110 g incl. strap

This timepiece comes with:

  • 22 mm wide genuine leather wrist strap in black carbon optics (1 spare pcs in white color)
  • piano laquer covered box
  • microfiber cleaning cloth
  • certificate of authenticity
  • user manual
  • guarantee certificate

The design of the timepiece is always exceptional as it involves a concentration on essentials and it provides functional guidance. The timepiece gives us a sense of security and calm thanks to a reduction in complexity. The design watch is now part of our core team. Even if such a timepiece appears fashionable nowadays, it has a long history behind. The pocket watch is the ancestor of this wristwatch. From this, the first wristwatch was models with timepiecedeveloped in the late 19's to be worn on the wrist.
If you visit a watch ../../shop, you will be convinced of the wide variety of wristwatches that there are in market. The variety of models offered range from simple to the most luxurious wristwatch models. The most demanding customers are willing to pay large sums of money to own a gold watch or watches with something exclusive. The complexity sometimes plays an important role in the design of a timepiece of high quality. The execution of each watch model is different as manufacturers are refining the technical details. In some designs of a timepiece, we will find a large number of technical complications. For us this is not the case. What we consider important is the clear way of reading time. This timepiece is patented in Switzerland. In Europe, the timepiece is available in our stores. Just within a few days, you will receive the watch at home and you will be able to enjoy immediately the extraordinary timepiece. You can access each of the respective models of watches through the direct link of our store or via the link at the top of the page (navigation bar: the store). Outside Europe you can buy this luxury timepiece through the distributors in each case.

model with whit timepiece 1-2The timepiece elegantly combines the easy handling with high quality performance. So if you are looking for performance together with distinction ...go ahead!,  you have found what you were looking for: our timepiece 1-2, designed to satisfy the most demanding tastes.
The luxury timepiece represents the essence of pure pleasure: soul and beauty. The tiempiece represents two different personalities: it conveys freshness and at the same time it is careful in their shape. The result in the design of the timepiece is exciting.It is the perfect expression of pure lines and beauty. You cannot help falling in love with this luxury wristwatch. This timepiece reflects your wishes. When you wear it, the timepiece provokes admiring glances at your way. The timepiece will wake up your ego and become your ideal complement. This luxury timepiece will make you see life from a different perspective. The timepiece adds a new dimension and experience. It represents a good example of an intelligent design in a small size. Are you looking for something else? Our timepiece has a number of sophisticated touches that have not been seen until now and that will convince you very quickly.

In the timepiece design, precision tools were used which allow us to fix all the mistakes that the first prototype watch could present. Using virtual programs, we could detect even minor problems and correct them completely. This ensures that all our customers around the world are satisfied with our timepieces.
Dinner for two with timepiec 1-2Nothing pleases us more than seeing our customers satisfied with the purchase of a timepiece from our collection. We do not just strive every day and set the bar higher each time, we also have to offer an exquisite service to our customers and give them what they want. With the timepiece 1-2, all their demands and needs will be fulfilled while maintaining the highest level of efficiency and offering unmatched quality standards. This timepiece is a fascinating look into the future showing the progress and the art of handmade jewelry. Decide on one of our timepieces and your election will be fully successfully fulfilled.

The timepiece is made for an elegant appearance at any occasion. Enjoy the design of the timepiece. This luxury watch is made in Switzerland and Germany, and patented in Switzerland. This timepiece is a refined product, which incorporates very high componentes. The numbers, bracelet, pins, glasses, hands and the movement of the timepiece are especially produced. The production of the timepiece not only requires a high concentration and manual dexterity of the highest level to all people involved in the production. For example, a goldsmith takes four hours for producing the unique time display of the timepiece. Also all the other workers of our company are mainly engaged to create the best timepiece. FELDO is a famous brand on its own. Unveiling a masterful timepiece is certain to be something only the luxists can afford. FELDO 1-2 is the most high-end timepiece from the new collection.

We as a manufacturer sell the timepieces within a special case together with papers, guarantee and serial numbers. Each timepiece is guaranteed new and never worn previously, unless it is clearly stated as "Second-hand" or "Refurbished". We are able to ship anywhere in the world. Our repair department is located in Switzerland and our ../../shophouse is in Spain. You can buy the timepiece directly online in our ../../shop or if you are located outside Europe, you can buy the timepiece at one of our distributors.

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